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Our products have been lab tested and verified with Crop Tech Asia. 



Din Network mainly supplies chemical fertilizers, soil amendments, compost and potting soil to farmers around Phichit and Phitsanulok area. Our main customers are sugarcane farmers. 


We have the capacity to produce up to 2,000mt of compost per annum and depending on the season, incorporate filter cake, water hyacinth, sugarcane leaves, banana peel and others into our recipe. 

Studies have shown that after years of chemical fertilizer and pesticide/herbicide usage it depletes the soil of its nutrients, kills the microorganisms and hampers yields. Soil health is destroyed without time to regenerate. It is our mission to educate our farmers to build soil health through incorporating regenerative farming techniques.

Soil amendments and compost can be used with or without chemcial fertilizers to nourish and restore soil health

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